High performance innovation in firefighting

The next generation wetting agent technology designed to protect People, Property and Environment.


One product to extinguish multiple classifications of fire

FireFive® is a new generation high technology wetting agent, composed by surfactant components and characterized by a high versatility of use in fire safety field. FireFive® embodies several properties that make it able to combine the wetting agents advantages (as defined by NFPA18 standard) with the advantages of a refined chemical interaction on the dynamics that are at the base of the fire combustion and propagation.

Mixed with water in very small percentages, FireFive®:

  • determines a considerable reduction of the boiling temperature of the water;
  • maximizes the production of steam, causing a rapid heat reduction from the fire source and a high speed fire suppression.

FireFive® offers the simplicity of using one product to extinguish multiple classes of fire, attacking all aspects of the fire tetrahedron.


  • Non-toxic
  • Water saving up to 50%
  • No environmental impact
  • Increase in visibility
  • Effective up to -30 °C
  • It reduces release of toxic vapors and smoke
  • Shorter mixing ratio
  • Multi-use fire suppression agent for class A, B and D  fires
  • In compliance with REACH regulation


How Firefive® works?

The innovative dynamics of FireFive® give the product high extinguishing performances that differ signifcantly from the common products of class A, B and D.


Reduction of water surface tension

The water surface tension is reduced by approximately 3 times when additived with the FireFive® encapsulator. The reduction of the forces of molecular cohesion produces an immediate decrease of the water surface tension, giving rise to the fragmentation of the single drops into droplets of smaller size, which tend to lose their spherical shape, smearing on the surface with consequent increase of the wettability.

Rapidity of cooling and heat reduction

FireFive® generates molecules able to quickly transfer heat to the surrounding water droplets that immediately vaporize, obtaining a high cooling eff ect. The vapor produced, in contact with the surrounding water, it cools and condenses, triggering a cyclical phenomenon of evaporation and condensation which absorbs a large amount of thermal energy. The rapid heat reduction prevents the spontaneous re-ignition, the temperature is lower than that of auto-ignition, favoring consequently times of fire extinction.

Encapsulation and neutralization of the hydrocarbons molecules

FireFive® is capable to encapsulate and neutralize hydrocarbons molecules through the formation and maintenance of micelles. The non-polar ends protruding from the water drop, attract the hydrocarbon molecules surrounding them completely and creating some chemical enclosures containing inside the hydrocarbon molecule. These chemical enclosures are called micelles and having the same charge repel each other. The water that surrounds them, however, has positive charge. In this way it is obtained the consequent separation and neutralization of the hydrocarbon molecules that cease to emit flammable vapors in both liquid state and vapor state.

Interruption of free radicals chain reaction

FireFive® inhibits the free radicals chain reaction by absorbing the energy released during collisions transferring it to the water. Therefore the energy of the system decreases and the interruption of the combustion process is achieved. The collisions of free radicals give rise to the formation of abundant black smoke, full of unburnt products extremely toxic. The interruption of the reaction involves, moreover, the reduction of smoke and toxic products of combustion. This leads to a signifi cant increase in visibility and operational safety for fi re brigades.

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